Plant trees and track your impact!

We plant trees where they have the biggest impact.
Our innovative new app gives you unique insights into the impact your trees are making for the environment, local communities and your customers.

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*We are pioneering our application in the Amazon rainforest in Madre de Dios, Peru.

Build a better, greener world.

Plant trees where they are needed

We draw CO2 out of the atmosphere by planting trees. We do it in the places where they have the greatest impact. That means an impact on climate change, biodiversity, job creation and the local population’s standard of living.

Track your impact with our new app

Every tree has its own unique ID. Wherever it is, you will see who planted it, how fast it is growing, and estimate how much CO2 it is extracting from the air and so on. Measure your return on investment for the planet!

Be a leader for a greener world

We walk and talk business and turn planting trees into part of your companies DNA. Planet and profit don’t contradict each other: they can work hand in hand. Next stop? 1 million new trees planted!

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Let's plan(t)
the future together.

Go Forest inspires and motivates companies and individuals to act future-oriented. By focussing on biodiversity we aim to bring behavioral changes, tackling the root causes of soil and deforestation problems.

That is how Go Forest reforests deforested areas, with attention to the right tree species in the right place, to support local populations in their livelihood and create extra jobs.

We can all have a positive impact on tomorrow’s world!

Go Forest projects are currently situated in Peru, Congo, Armenia and Belgium.

*We are pioneering our application in the Amazon rainforest in Madre de Dios, Peru.

Track your impact with our blockchain app

Smart ownership 

Assign trees to employees or clients. Provide them with a personal login to let them monitor how their own trees grow and what impact they are making. Every tree a unique ID!

Data transparency

 AI algorithms convert pictures of the trees into accurate data. Follow each tree, its location, properties, size, estimated CO2-reduction, amount of fruit produced, extra income for local farmers, etc.


 Motivate your employees and customers to do make their positive impact. A win-win for your company and our world.

Eco-friendly cloud environment

Our portal runs on Microsoft Azure, which is climate neutral since 2021 and even strives to be climate positive by 2030.

Why our customers love our app

"Thanks to this app, sustainability is no longer a vague concept. The client is really involved now."

- Edward Vervisch

Sales & Marketing Manager - Copahome

"We believe  that technological innovation can help us in building more sustainable luminaires."

- Filip Staelens

CEO Orbit Lighting

"It is very valuable that our customers not only see their trees, but also feel the impact they have made by planting them."

- Samuel Van Lathem

CEO Vadigran